Mergers & Acquisitions

We imagine a world where bad decisions no longer exist. Utilizing our integrated key issues data & analytics and insights software platform (ranked #1 in German market) we help our clients to make better decisions. Our goal is to build up a leading IT service provider on the European market that is specialized in data & analytics. In order to achieve this, we are looking for suitable members for our group.

Growth strategy

According to analyst rankings, we are already one of the leading IT service companies specialized in data & analytics on the german speaking market. To expand this positioning, we are looking for group members along the following three dimensions.


We are looking for companies that build up new locations for the group. This applies both to target markets and to the provision of service and recruiting.


Technology & Focus Topics

We would like to complete our portfolio with new partners and complement our strengths in technologies and focus topics.

Industries & Customers

We are looking for members who serve complementary customers and bring new industrial focus to our group.

Since the company has been founded in 2018, QuinScape Group is represented all over Germany with 5 IT service providers in 7 locations. Industrial focus is on automotive, finance & insurance, manufacturing, pharma/chemie, energy as well as in the public sector.

QuinScape Group has outstanding expertise in technologies talend, cplace, denodo, SAS, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, TIBCO, AWS, Exasol, Jakarta EE, SAP and Intrexx.

Our services cover these subject areas:

  • data & analytics: data management, business intelligence & analytics, data science & AI, enterprise application integration, data strategy
  • digital transformation: PLM, PDM PTM, hybrid project management
  • software engineering: cloud, low code, full stack individual development

What we are looking for

We are looking for companies with focus, expertise, customers and level of awareness in industries that complement ours on the one hand, and on the other hand with technologically complementary focus points in order to find as many starting points as possible for jointly business development.

As a group of medium-sized IT service providers, we would like to grow together with them in a sustainable manner and position ourselves successfully in competition with large companies and corporations – initially German-speaking countries, in the medium term with the aim of assuming a leading role in Europe.

The group aims to leverage common potential and at the same time form a sustainable concept for entrepreneurs and companies in which each company retains its identity and culture. We are working on this goal together with our growth partner AUCTUS Capital Partners AG, a leading investment company from Munich that focuses on the middle class.

Why QuinScape Group?

Better access to quality professionals through increased visibility as a group of data & analytics specialists

Mutual access to high-quality professionals through stronger perception as a group of data & analytics specialists

AUCTUS as a financially strong growth partner of the QuinScape Group

Realization of assets and further development while maintaining the existing

Offer to continue taking entrepreneurial responsibility with new opportunities

Opening up a broader portfolio: locations, technologies, sectors


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